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Jews and Arabs projects
Jews and Arabs together - Youth Parliaments Israel
Jaffa Convention 2015
Youth Parliaments of mixed cities in Israel
Rabbi Shem Tov Menachen and Rabbi Melchior

In the field of advocacy and advancing legislation:  

  • Legislation establishing the Arabic Language Academy in Israel; 

  • The Jaffa Convention – a central platform for conferences and public discussions in the field of Jewish‐Arab relations; 

  • Establishing and working closely with the Knesset Caucus for Jewish‐Arab Relations.   


In the media field: 

  • Du‐Et – a Jewish‐Arab magazine; 

  • Advancing the television series “Avoda Aravit” (Arab Labor); 

  • Advancing employment of Arabs in leading media outlets; 

  • Producing radio programs on the IBA Reshet Bet station.  


In the education field: 

  • The establishment of Jewish‐Arab Youth Parliaments and the development of young leadership training programs.  

  • Empowerment programs for Arab women:  “Women's Horizons (Ofek Nashi in hebrew)” – program for women who are small business owners. 

  • In the field of secular – utra‐Orthodox relations, Moetzet Yachad: promoting the issue of organ donations; 

  • Establishing cooperative work norms for archeologists and rabbis regarding archeological excavations, and more.

Yearly activities and achievements:



For the 2nd time CAF participated in Haaretz's -'Israel Peace Convention' held in Tel Aviv. CAF held a public dialogue session entitled 'Jewish-Palestinian Arab Relations in Israel in 2015.'

The 9th annual Jaffa Convention was held as a "Pre-Election conference". The convention consisted of two parts: Discussions on 'stage' and a public roundtable dialogue event.

CAF's 2nd International Round Table "Building a Shared Society in a Sustainable Democracy" took place at the Mount Zion hotel in Jerusalem.

Ruby Quantson of Ghana, conducted an intensive week-long training workshop to help the women acquire tools to enable them to conduct ‘deliberative dialogue’ within their own communities, with a group of Arab women from the Triangle Region.

A group of seventeen men and women, Jewish and Arab religious and community leaders in Israel, with CAF's support met for a week-long workshop at CAF's research and learning partner, the Kettering Foundation in Dayton, Ohio. The outcome of the workshop was an issue guide entitled "We are 'losing' our youth".

The five Arab- Jewish Youth Parliament groups in Israel's mixed cities have organized over 50 meetings and events in their communities during this year.


CAF held almost one hundred meetings, seminars, conferences, and events in 2014. CAF's main fields of action in 2014 include:

  • Deliberative Dialogue and civic action groups from all the sections of the population including Jews and Arabs of diverse religious affiliations, men, and women

  • Public study and deliberation events designed to expand the circles of involvement

  • Jewish and Arab MKs – Study, Deliberation, and Legislation Group

  • Jewish-Arab local and national Youth Parliaments




Live Broadcasts of Deliberative Dialogue / CAF has produced live radio programs on the government-run radio station, Reshet Bet. The broadcasts cover a fast spectrum of issues connected to Jewish and Arab shared society. On each program a panel of Jewish and Arab participants contact a discussion using Deliberative Dialogue.


Knesset Caucus for Jewish‐Arab Relations


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