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Jews and Arabs projects
Rabbi Michael Melchior and arab leaders

CAF’s mission is to build a shared society in a sustainable democracy in Israel. We work to mend rifts between groups in conflict by building bridges, encouraging constructive engagement, and promoting and empowering civic leadership. 

CAF's Mission

CAF’s vision is a socially cohesive and inclusive society in Israel. We believe that shared society is a tangible expression of an ideal democracy and is characterized by mutual responsibility, full participation, and equal opportunity among all Israeli citizens.

CAF's Vision

CAF seeks to address core problems of Israeli society by using Deliberative Democracy principles and a multi-track methodology to target both ordinary citizens and decision-makers. One of CAF's strengths lies in its ability to work with groups generally excluded from the national discourse on social issues, such as ultra-Orthodox Jews, traditional Arab women, and others.

Guiding Principles

  • CAF is a nonpartisan organization with no political agenda. We engage left and right, religious and secular, men and women, young and old.


  • Multi-track work: CAF conducts its work with both decision-makers and citizens in order to achieve its mission. Experience has proven that in order to create significant change, decision-makers must also undergo learning and change processes similar to those required of citizens.


  • Ongoing learning and evaluation: CAF maintains ongoing developmental evaluation in order to assess and respond rapidly and effectively to changing conditions.


  • One of CAF's meaningful accomplishments in 2014 was completing our two year (2013/14) strategic planning process, which sharpened our mission and revised our fields of activities to respond more effectively to changing inter-community tensions. The outcome was a program of activities that we conduct throughout Israel, with the aim of furthering our goal of shared society in a sustainable democracy. For additional information on the Strategic Plan please click here

Values & Approach

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