The third long-term goal targets the younger generation and educators.


Shared society issues are advanced by Jewish and Arab Youth and educators from all sectors of society, internalizing democratic values and principles.


The rationale behind our activity in this field is that adopting social and cultural norms that reject violence and advance dialogue, while addressing the root causes of the conflict, will ultimately lead to creating a shared society in a sustainable democracy.

Education and Leadership Development

The Youth Parliament of Mixed Cities

The Youth Parliament of Mixed Cities

The Youth Parliament of the Mixed Cities of Israel aims to empower Jewish and Arab teens to take responsibility for their own lives, and to improve the relationships between their communities. Read more

Youth Sports in Mixed Cities

Youth Sports in Mixed Cities

YOUTH SPORTS IN ISRAEL'S MIXED CITIES introduced the core principles of "shared society" and "living together" into sports areas in the mixed cities of Jaffa, Akko, Lod, and Ramla. Read more

DU-ET Hebrew-Arabic newspaper

DU-ET Hebrew-Arabic newspaper

CAF produced and published Du-Et, a Hebrew-Arabic newspaper that provided a rare and much needed opportunity for Jewish-Arab communication. Read more


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