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Building a shared society in Israel demands progress not only in citizen understanding and engagement, but also advancement in Israeli law and policy. CAF’s efforts to advance legislation that prohibits discrimination based on ethnic, religious, or cultural differences completes a circle of ideal democratic activity by connecting meaningful civic engagement with decision-making and policy-making processes.


Policy on social issues is advanced in agreement with, and in cooperation between, Jewish and Arab Members of the Knesset. Political activity in Israel simultaneously reflects and shapes the civic reality. Many medium and small-sized political parties find it difficult to set an agenda that takes minority-group needs into account. The accepted discourse of Jewish and Arab MK is one of division and war. A shared society is characterized by parliament members who advance social issues in the fields of welfare, health, and education for all citizens without regard for the divisive questions of religion, race, or rationality. Unfortunately this is not yet the case.

Policy and Legislation projects from The Citizens Accord Forum

Policy and Legislation



ARAB CITIZENS' RIGHTS AT ISRAEL'S AIRPORTS AND BORDER CROSSINGS project focuses on airport security and education. Raising awareness among airport employees, and sensitizing them to the experiences of Arab Israelis at Israel's airports. Read more


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