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Rabbi Michael Melchior

The Citizens’ Accord Forum (CAF) works to build a shared and sustainable democratic society in Israel. CAF was established in 2001, by then Member of Knesset Rabbi Michael Melchior, in response to the alarming growth in rifts, and the lack of cooperation between different sectors of Israeli society.


Societal strife is one of the major obstacles to a shared society and a healthy democracy in Israel, and the conflict between its Jewish and Arab citizens is the most prominent indicator. CAF's primary focus is therefore on making a contribution toward building a just and equal relationship between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and fostering effective methods of engagement between them on issues ranging from individual and group identity to resource allocation, land rights and more.

CAF operates in three main areas:


  • Civic Engagement;

  • Policy and Legislation;

  • Education and Leadership Development.

One of CAF's strengths is the credibility it has developed within nearly all sectors of Israeli society. CAF's leadership has worked many years establishing relationships and has garnered an unprecedented level of trust within mainstream Jewish society, including government ministries and institutions, leading politicians, municipalities, religious leaders (including many ultra-Orthodox rabbis), and more. This trust also extends into almost every branch of Arab society in Israel, including leading Islamists, civil society organizations, Arab municipalities, politicians, and Arab religious and political institutions.

Citizens Accord Forum between Jews and Arabs in Israel - CAF Israel

About The Citizens' Accord Forum

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