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The Jaffa Convention was inaugurated in November 2005, the first national gathering to set a public agenda, focusing on equity and bridging the gaps between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens.

The Citizens' Accord Forum established the Jaffa Convention in recognition of the influence that a national conference has in forming priorities, and in commanding public attention and awareness. CAF, in partnership with the Arab-Jewish Community Center in Jaffa, first established the Convention to influence government policy and raise public awareness. 

Today, the Jaffa Convention is a prominent fixture on the national calendar. Policymakers and Civil society leaders view the annual convention as a guiding force and pacesetter on issues of equality and civil rights.

Jaffa Convention 2015

Jaffa Convention 2012

The convention has become the central platform for discussion of topics regarding Jewish-Arab relations, and the rights of the Arab citizen’s of Israel. It has become the place where participants from across the political spectrum – people who could not be found anywhere else under the same roof - come together in order to confront the most pressing issues that plague Jewish-Arab relations.


The annual conference goes beyond presentations of studies, analysis of data, and exchange of views – it is unique in initiating practical "Calls to Action" that address tangible issues. In addition to the annual conference, the Jaffa Convention provides the framework for our research projects and our ongoing advocacy work.

The Jaffa Convention

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