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Youth Sports in Israel’s Mixed Cities / CAF launched this project in mixed cities in Israel to bridge the communities where Jewish and Arab Israelis live geographically close, but are separated by identity. [Read more about this project]




A tangible output of the 2011 conference was the establishment of a study group of members of the Knesset and their assistants, in cooperation with academic and legal experts, to focus on the issue of collective rights with a view to promote concrete legislation aimed at securing those rights.


The first meeting of the club was held in the Knesset on December 2011. It was attended by Knesset members, their assistants, and CAF professional staff. The discussion centered on defining the work and work process of the club, how to attract more Knesset members, and the subjects to be dealt with. It was decided to hold monthly meetings. 


On May 2011, a seminar took place at the Haifa University focusing on the 2010 Jewish-Arab Relations Index published by Prof. Sammy Smooha. This is the fourth year in which we have been partners to Prof. Smooha in publishing this index. Jewish and Arab academics and Knesset members participated in the seminar. 




Youth Parliaments in the Mixed Cities of Israel / CAF established its first Jewish‐Arab Youth Parliaments, and launched a young leadership training program. [Read more about this project]




On March 18, 2009, representatives of various organizations, foundations, government offices, and business women from the Arab sector convened for a round table discussion on how to advance employment and business initiatives among Arab women


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Rabbi Michael Melchior
Youth Parliaments of mixed cities in Israel CAF program
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