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Youth projects in Israel



Protection and Preservation of Muslim Holy Sites and Cemeteries / During the 2007 Jaffa Convention, CAF in partnership with the Hebrew University's Truman Institute, proposed a Call to Action to establish a government authority to preserve and restore the numerous abandoned Muslim holy sites (such as cemeteries and mosques) across Israel, which had been neglected and left to deteriorate.  After CAF established the inter-religious committee composed of senior rabbis and Muslim and Christian clerics, the committee inspected the sites, and the rabbis committed to lobbying the government to address their dilapidated state. Israel's Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar wrote a letter of support to the Knesset in which he referred to the situation as a ‘social and moral transgression,’ marking the first time in history that Israel's Jewish and Arab spiritual leaders agreed on this issue.


At the same time, CAF examined the work and financial allocations processes of the National Center for the Development of Holy Sites. Its conclusions led to the recommendation, presented to the Knesset lobby for Jewish-Arab relations, to establish an equivalent organization, with equitable financing, to manage the neglected Muslim sites. In June 2008, a law was proposed to establish a government authority for the development of Muslim holy places. In addition, CAF compiled a list of 12 neglected sites (seven mosques and five cemeteries), and published a booklet with photographs of each.




Avoda Aravit (Arab Labor) / CAF played an advisory role in the creation of this Israeli series, which premiered on Channel 2 in 2007. The show, created by journalist/author Sayed Kashua, offers a satirical take on Israel's mixed society by satirizing Israel's religious, political, and cultural differences.  It was the first sitcom featuring mostly Arab characters speaking in Arabic on Israeli prime time, and it generated great controversy between Arab and Israeli media. CAF Co-Director, Udi Cohen, was a member of the show's founding steering committee.


Arabic Language Academy in Israel / The Knesset passed a law to establish an academy for Arabic language and culture in Israel following a Call to Action issued at the 2006 Jaffa Convention. Former MK Rabbi Michael Melchoir contributed to drafting the bill.




Ofek Nashi – Empowering Arab Businesswomen / CAF launched a business and leadership training program for Arab businesswomen. [Read more about this project]


Media Fellowship Program / Du-Et and the Keshet Television Production Company launched a training and mentorship program to support seven young, aspiring, Arab journalists to advance their careers, and to create important opportunities for the Israeli public to become acquainted with the Arab society and its popular culture. For example, Arab families were featured in the Israeli version of Supernanny, and an Arab candidate participated for the first time in Kochav Nolad (A Star is Born, the Israeli version of American Idol).




Jaffa Convention / CAF held the first Jaffa Convention in 2005, which became an annual event. It is the main forum in which Arab and Jewish citizens from across the political and religious spectrum come together to confront the most pressing issues facing Israeli society, and the relationship between Arab and Jewish populations. [Read more about this project]


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