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Project of The Citizens Accord Forum Israel

After examining  issues related to land policy and planning from the Jewish-Zionist and Palestinian-Arab perspectives, the group decided to focus on a specific issue for further action. One of the latest topic was the general issue of land inheritance in Arab Society. An expert in the field gave an introduction and general information about the topic, for example, information on the topic of women’s inheritance in Arab society was given to the group by Prof. Rassem Khamaisi. The position paper and lecture consisted of a review of the topic of land inheritance in Arab society, and the complications posed by the clash between traditional conventions and customs with modern civil and family law.  One of the problems mentioned in this context was the issue of women inheritance, and the difficulties in ensuring their inheritance rights. The group then decided to have a follow-up meeting to examine in-depth the issue, and propose specific measures for improving women’s legal status in this respect.



The “Land and Soil” program is a special project that aims to examine the issue of land rights and ownership in Israel’s Negev region, particularly as it related to the Bedouin population. In light of the passing of the Prawer-Begin Plan, the focus of this mission is to better understand the cause and effect of the relocation plan as it relates to both the Bedouin settlements, and majority Jewish population in the area. 

During the mission, a group of legal and academic experts meet with community leaders from both the Bedouin and Jewish communities in order to ultimately draft a policy recommendation on how to best tackle the issue of unrecognized Bedouin settlements in the Negev. The dynamic of this program achieved by organizing round table meetings, seminars, and tours led by a group of experts on land and soil.

Land and Soil

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